Our Experience

A Biography of a Horse Woman


My family had horses before I was born and one of my earliest memories is riding in front of my Dad in his saddle on a big palomino named Annie. I began caring for our horses at age 5. By age 8 or 9, I began to show quarter horses.  During my teen years, I was active in 4H, serving as president of The Vaquero Wranglers Club for several years.  I began giving riding lessons in Western & English riding. In my later teen years, I learned to ride side-saddle.

Whether at the sh
ows or at home, horses at our place were always a family affair.   My grandma crocheted beautiful show blanket covers, Mom tailored my show clothes, Dad drove us to the shows, my sister was chief groom & exercise girl, my brother was the 'wrangler' and provided the 'muscle' for haying.   At home, all of the kids loved to ride, and our parents instilled in us the invaluable lessons of responsibility and care for all animals.  I believe that I have a gift to work with horses that spans four generations of my family. Our family lore says that my Great Uncle had a knack for working with horse & mule teams. I think my Dad had it, my sister & I have it, and it's been passed onto the next generation.

After a number of years of only riding in Colorado when visiting my nephew  & niece, I decided I wanted my own horse again. I attained Pueblo. Pueblo is probably the best horse I have ever had. She and I have a great partnership. After boarding Pueblo at a few stables, I was shocked at the available facilities & lack of horse knowledge. My husband Bob and I decided that we wanted our own facility where we could provide the excellent care Pueblo deserves.   The result of this decision is Penystone Vista Stables - where we care for our horses the way you would.


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